Thinking about my Future

Flight Attendandt

Today I went to school thinking that it was going to be just another day. We, at the Communication’s Department got classes cancelled because we had a Summit. Have I ever been in a summit before? Nope… Well, I pretty much rushed it walking in the freezing weather of Rexburg and asking people where the Taylor Chapel was, because I did not have an idea where the place was. Anyways… I got there on time and heard the presentation of the 10, if I’m not mistaken, (panelist I want to call them) and they were pretty good.

All of them talked about their experiences at Brigham Young University – Idaho, where I go, and they talked about their current jobs, what they did to get there and gave us advises. It’s so amazing how education can change life. I have been working very hard and I can not wait for the day I get my degree.

One of the things that I was expecting to hear or learn at this “conference” was about internships. To be honest I don’t know how I’m going to make it into a real job because everything works through connections, but I got a pretty clear idea on what to do.

Let me make a reference of my last trip to Ecuador almost two months ago when I went to visit my family for Christmas. I was on the plane and the flight attendants came with the lunch and drinks for everybody. I got a can of Ginger Ale and my hamburger and I was trying to manage my Macbook, my headphones, the hamburger, the other things that come in that little “tray”, the can of soda and the cup with ice. Everything in that little tiny “table”.

The man who was assisting me told me “What you have there is a very expensive computer, i would recommend you to put it aside because if you spill soda on it it’s going to be very expensive to fix” the first thing that came to my mind was the fact that I had just purchased my laptop 4 months ago and if something would happen to it, it would probably be covered under warranty. Nonetheless more thoughts came into my mind and the fact that this incident was not a manufacturing defect, I thought immediately, it was not going to be covered under Apple’s warranty.

All those thoughts came to my mind in a millisecond and right after the man suggested to put the computer aside I kindly replied “thank you for your suggestion, I will follow your advice” the man put his hand on my right shoulder and said “by following advices you can easily reach success”…

Advice, advice, advice… that’s the main reason why I have just created this blog. Because I was advised to and I think it makes total sense. I mean in this world that is “connected’ there’s no way I can stay behind. I’m studying Public Relations and definitely I need to know how to do all these things. I also created an account on LinkedIn and I already had one on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

After the conference I have not stopped thinking about my future. Where am I going to work, how am I going to make money and the first thing I have to do is get an internship.

I have started an application already with Disney World in Florida. I’m going to try to submit at least 20-50 applications to the biggest corporations in the world…. I mean if I wanna make it big I can’t just stay locally. 🙂

Wish me Luck!

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