The Dreamliner was my Dream 787

Boeing Business Jet - 787 Interior ConceptSo this is just another post I wanted to write about. I’ve always seen on TV those huge planes that travel internationally but it sucks that every time I flight, even internationally I never got the change to be on one of those.

I fly to Ecuador every year, because my family lives down there and I go for Xmas time to spend this special season with them. Well last year when I booked my flight I noticed that there was something different on my itinerary.. YES!!! a flight on a Dreamliner 787 from Denver, CO to Houston, TX I was so excited to be in one of those planes. The sad part is, because I always upgrade to first class, this time I couldn’t upgrade my flight because I bought it with miles, so freaking United didn’t allow me to upgrade.

Anyways… it was so cool to see the first class on a separate “cabin” from the business class and of course from coach class. HOLLY CRAP!!! I thought, those were sweet seats, they will recline down to 180 degrees and you have a flat bed right there. Anywhodle. I flew on coach class and it still was pretty awesome. I was able to be on the “elite” section of the coach class and that gave me more leg room… loved it! the screen for video was bigger and touchscreen. What I liked about it is that they had so many more channels and more shows and movies. The plane was ginormous.

After the month I was in Ecuador and came back to the US I read about the news that the Dreamliner was having some issues… Thanks God nothing happened to me. I do like that plane and hopefully they fix the problem so I can use first or business class this year. I wanted to research on the matter and this is what I found. I actually went to the Boeing’s website and they sent a press release with an update. Please read:

“SEATTLE, Jan. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing (NYSE: BA) welcomes the progress being made in the 787 investigation discussed today by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in Washington, D.C. The regulatory and investigative agencies in the U.S. and Japan have dedicated substantial resources to these investigations, and we appreciate their effort and leadership.

Boeing continues to assist the NTSB and the other government agencies in the U.S. and Japan responsible for investigating two recent 787 incidents. The company has formed teams consisting of hundreds of engineering and technical experts who are working around the clock with the sole focus of resolving the issue and returning the 787 fleet to flight status. We are working this issue tirelessly in cooperation with our customers and the appropriate regulatory and investigative authorities. The safety of passengers and crew members who fly aboard Boeing airplanes is our highest priority.

In order to ensure the integrity of the process and in adherence to international protocols that govern safety investigations, we are not permitted to comment directly on the ongoing investigations. Boeing is eager to see both investigative groups continue their work and determine the cause of these events, and we support their thorough resolution.

Boeing deeply regrets the impact that recent events have had on the operating schedules of our customers and their passengers.

Marc Birtel
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
+1 425-266-5822

SOURCE Boeing “

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