Why Making a List on Twitter is Important in Public Relations?

I wanted to give more background information, but I’m just going to go straight to the point. Here’s the situation: they gave me a new account at the agency where I work and there’s an event going on next year (a big event.) The press release is already done and we need to start pitching to journalists ASAP!

I was asked to come up with a list of, at least, five journalists from top publications in the US and since I’m just starting my career I don’t really have many connections. (PR people, that weird kid in your journalism class can save your ass, be his friend.)

I saw myself looking on LinkedIn and Twitter for these five journalists, but this is what I did first.

1) I searched for articles related to my industry to find out who wrote those articles.
2) I literally stalked those journalists on Twitter (I know it sounds creepy, but you’re supposed to do that to know who you’ll be working with.)
3) I created a private list called “US Tourism Journalists” and I started following them and adding them to that list. (Yes, I work in the tourism industry. It’s fun, you get to travel for free.)
4) If you JUST follow your “targeted” journalists, you’ll be JUST another follower, that’s why I sent them a personalized tweet.
5) The journalist will follow you back, and maybe reply to your tweet, if your profile on Twitter is of their interest.
6) Whala! You’re connected! You can now pvt message this journalist to introduce yourself, exchange emails and of course, start pitching!
7) Start making your client happy with top publications.

Here’s the reason why a Twitter list is very useful.

1) It keeps your “media list” updated. The journalists will update their profile on Twitter faster than CISION or VOCUS.
2) You can recognize your journalists by their name, face and outlet.
3) Easier access to your top-publication smartly selected journalists.

Good luck on your pitching journey…

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oberdelgado

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