Thomas S. Monson, Mormon President, Faced With Fraud Charges

Thomas S. Monson, Mormon President, Faced With Fraud Charges

Today I woke up to this article on the Huffington Post and to be honest I thought it was just another hateful and “bizarre allegations” from someone that wants to draw attention. I read the whole article and it seems like people has nothing better to do.
If you want to know what the article talks about go read it yourself. I just wanted to share how ignorant people are.
After reading the piece I read some of the comments at the end posted by people who, I think, are either anti-Mormon, atheist or has not relation whatsoever with the LDS church.
Most of them, agreeing with the “fact” that Thomas S. Monson, Mormon president is faced with fraud charges are nonsense comments by people who probably have never heard the teachings of the LDS church.

This one for example:


How YOU, Mr. Ramon R. (Rayreegs) can back up your statement?
Or how about this other one

Now, after reading this one is when I felt the need to write this post.


Really, Lysdexic S (Lysdexic1), REALLY???
Some people are just full of crap.
This is the stupidest comment I have ever read.

Most of the comments were talking about tithing and how the church obligates its members to pay tithing. NEWS FLASH… the church does not obligate people to pay tithing. Tithing, for those who have never heard of the word “bible,” you know, that book used by all religions talks about tithing, so this isn’t something that Joseph Smith made up in the 1820’s.

Some people need to get out of ignorance before “opening their mouth.” If you’re going to express your opinion, make sure is a smart one. Base your statements after you have done your research.

This other comment is one that made sense to me.


The article explains how the man calling Thomas S. Monson, Mormon President to court writes for some kind of blog. The man uses one of the most famous newspaper in the US to promote his own website.
Believe me, by the amount of comments I read, this man has probably had over 1,000 new readers to his blog, over 500 new subscribers and more publicity to his site, which at the end only benefited his bank account.
At the end of the day, the case is not going to go anywhere.
The man trying to do bad “publicity” for the church and having on the newspaper “ Thomas S. Monson, Mormon President, Faced With Fraud Charges “ is not going to take him anywhere or get any money from Thomas S. Monson but from the self publicity his trying to get for his own abhorrence.

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