Video Skills

After working as a Case Manager at the call center for Chrysler. I went again in 2013 for another six months. We were separated into Jeep, Chrysler, RAM, Dodge teams. I was in the Chrysler team with these two ladies. The trainer said we had to do something “artistic” so I came up with this.

During my time at the Chrysler call center, Convergys had to present a video during their meeting with Chrysler executives. After my supervisor, account executives and other higher people for the Chrysler account saw my previous video, I was invited to be part of this new video. I filmed and edited the following video. (supervisors from the call center were part of supervising the content of the video.)

Spring 2013. Me and my roommate decided to go to the park across the street to film him dancing. I edited this video.
Camera: Canon T4i
Software: Adobe Premiere

News Style: People are so happy here in Rexburg, Idaho. We’re finally able to go out wearing shorts and flip-flops. I made this video in news style.

Software: Adobe Premiere CS6

Camera: Canon T4i

The Biggest Winner is a wellness program from BYUI and focuses on helping students, struggling with overweight, to have a healthier life.

Software: Adobe Premiere
Camera: Canon SX 210 IS

This is what my classmates have said about this video:

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 11.47.26 AM

Not only to fulfill a class assignment, but also to practice my editing skills, I shot this video, edited it, produced it and uploaded it to YouTube.

Software: Adobe Premiere

This is a video interview I produced and edited for my COMM 360 class at BYU-I. Here I show my skills as an editor.

Software: Adobe Premiere

For my English class at SLCC I had to type a position/proposal paper where I expressed my feelings about General Education requirements in order to get a Bachelors Degree.  I think they’re a waste of time and money and I collected some opinions from students at SLCC campus. Check it out.

Software: Sony Vegas Pro 11

By now you probably know that I’m bilingual. This skill has given me so many opportunities and advantages over other people. Thanks to my knowledge of Spanish and English I was able to do a “social work” for the Understanding Same Gender Attraction group at Brigham Young University. They released a video expecting to reach out thousands of people and tell them that gay Mormons have also gone through difficulties and trials. I received full permissions from the Producers of this video to translate it into Spanish and upload it to Youtube. Please check my work as a translator.

Software: Sony Vegas Pro 11

The following is an interview with the complete kit: light, sound and video.

Software: Sony Vegas Pro 9

This is a song that talks about Ecuador and a lot of stuff that goes around down there. Politicians, the national soccer team, poor people, young people with dreams and more. If you are an english speaking person, you probably won’t understand what the song says, but you still can watch it and enjoy it

Software: Sony Vegas Pro 9

One random Sunday, I was bored at home so I grabbed my camera and tripod and went to shoot in Salt Lake City. Thanks to my roommate Rex for going with me, he helped.

Software: Sony Vegas Pro 9

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